M.A.C. Releases New Album 'Dream'

The music group from Washington state known as M.A.C. just released their newest LP record album, titled, “Dream,” to widespread critical and fan acclaim. It is being released on the Planet 3 Jams record label. “Dream” is comprised of 19 new, original tracks mainly falling in the popular sub genre of electronic dance music called dubstep, though M.A.C. is known for deviating from standard norms when they see fit, resulting in some surprising and delightfully unique compositions. “Dream” is the most significant and anxiously awaited record from M.A.C. to date, and represents an excellent introduction to this ambitious, creative music trio.

The song titled Dawn is one of the 19 songs currently on the new album.I like the songs beat and how the singer can capture your attention and send you into a new state of mind while listening. This song makes beautiful music for home listening. If you're in the mood for something new and exciting and want to listen to a good song by a wonderful artist go listen to Dawn today.