Heart Health for Women

It's always been an important task within my family to eat right and do an exercise program that fits our needs.Some times even when you try your hardest to maintain a clean bill of health  problems can sneak up out of nowhere. Heart Health for Women  talks about the signs you should look out for and provides you with insight into other womens lives that may be experiencing exactly what you are.

My chest felt like it was on fire, explained one woman who had a heart attack. "It was so painful I couldn't breathe."It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest," another woman described her heart attack.Long before a heart attack ever strikes, however, many women with heart disease experience pain known as "angina pectoris" or just "angina." Angina is a warning signal that one or more of the major coronary arteries is temporarily narrowed or blocked and not letting enough oxygen reach the heart muscles.But take note, angina is not a heart attack, and it does not cause any permanent damage to the heart. It simply lets the woman know that something is wrong and that she needs to make some changes in her life.