What if forgot Windows 8 password by accident?

Login password in Windows 8, the most disputable systems released by Microsoft, differs a lot from that in any other systems. In Windows 8, users can firstly set a text password (traditional password) and then they can make a picture password or a PIN code as a supplement of text password. Any form of password is available to enable Windows 8 users to log in the system. Therefore, though picture password and PIN code are not as welcome as it seems to be, especially after its potential security holes are exposed, Windows 8 users are less likely to get Windows 8 password reset when they forget login password by accident. Nevertheless, there are still many Windows 8 users are troubled by their forgotten password every day. So, what if forgot Windows 8 password by accident? You can refer to the following four aspects:

1. Password hints

Leaving password hints after you’ve created your password is often suggested by many IT security experts. We are told that the password hint should be a word or a phrase that is vague enough so that nobody else can guess it, but clear enough that it will remind us of our password.  When you find you lost your Windows password and fail to log in with picture password or PIN code, try to check your password hints. Most likely, you will recall your password instantly and then save you the trouble to reset password.

2. Password reset disk

Making use of a password reset disk is regarded as the simplest way to reset lost Windows 8 password. Unluckily, many users won’t realize the importance of it until they forget their passwords one day. After you’ve created your password, you can create a password reset disk with a blank USB flash drive. Once you’ve typed the wrong password, Windows 8 will show a “Reset password” link below the login box. You just need to click on the link and follow the guide of “Password Reset Wizard” after inserted your password reset disk. Your password reset disk can only be used to reset lost password for your account.

3. Another admin account

You are lucky if there is another account with administrative privilege on your Windows 8 PC when you find you lost your password. You can log in your Windows 8 PC as administrator to set a new password by selecting your account in the “Manage Accounts” page and then changing password for the account. In the process, your user account will lose all encrypted files, personal certificates, and stored passwords for websites and network resources.

4. Third-party password reset tools

A more efficient way to reset forgotten Windows 8 password is to take advantage of a third-party password reset program. Now, we can find both freeware, such as, John the Ripper, and commercial software, say, Anmosoft Windows Password Reset, on the Internet. When you select a password reset tool, make sure it is safe and reliable before you use it. For example, some tools may workable for Windows Server 2008 password recovery rather than Windows 8 password reset. And also, some tools may result in data loss and then you should avoid it if you have vital data in the locked Windows 8 PC.