The Taming of The Wolf

The taming of the wolf is a music album created by Maxim Senin. Maxim is a singer/songwriter, engineer, pilot and a bad-ass guy. His music has a beat of it's own that is both entertaining and pretty awesome.One song in particular I really enjoyed was called Do your worst. It combined several musical instruments that were a perfect fit for the song!

As a multi-instrumentalist, Maxim played every instrument on his debut EP release “The Taming of the Wolf” including the acoustic guitar, piano, ukulele, harmonica, keyboard, and all percussions. Maxim has great aspirations for the success of the new release. When asked if he could retain his artistic integrity with increased commercial success he replied with no hesitation, “I think yes. I'm open-minded about learning from other artists and listening to friends' advice, but at the same time I think I am on the way of developing my own unique style. That doesn't mean, however, that this style won't evolve over time.

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