Get Paid To Read Investment Newsletters

I recently found a website where someone can get paid to read investment newsletters and answer a short questionnaire at the end.This isn't a scam, this isn't a promotion it's simply a consulting company that provides insights to companies about investments.

If you're an investor or just someone interested in earning a few extra dollars you should check this system out.It's quite simple to get started you can go to rallyletters pick the newsletter you're interested in and simply read it.

What's in it for you, you might say? In addition to providing you with some of the best, highest yielding newsletters in the industry, we have given away thousands of dollars of gift cards and prizes. We initially value your time at a rate of $200 an hour. Volunteering to answer an email survey on if and why you bought a recommended stock will earn you a $50 department store gift card. Critiquing a promotional mailing will earn you a $100 dollar gift card to Lowes or Home Depot. Take part in an hour long focus group via a conference call and you will earn yourself $200 cash. The more you help us out the more we will pay you, up to $300 an hour! We don't pay folks with a "gift offer" or a subscription discount like some newsletter sites do. We pay with cash and gift cards!