LED Grow Lights

TruLiteLED is a technology company specializing in horticultural LED grow lights. Commercial grow light operations benefit greatly by using these type of lights to extend their grow season and boost yield under low-light conditions. As the primary lighting source, the lights can provide 100% of a plant's needs when no natural light is available.These LED grow lights are for commercial, greenhouse, and personal indoor gardening. Promoting self-reliance, sustainability, and fresh, healthy food year round.

These commercial LED grow lights are great for people that want to grow lush green plants all year round without the hassle of nature knocking at your door.These lights are perfect for young and older people that are interested in growing their own plants. These can be used in grade school, high school, or university student projects and agricultural research.

LED Grow Lights are great for people on diets that want fresh produce year around. You can practically grow anything and everything your heart desires because it's a controlled environment