What Kind of Videos and Photos that iPhone Users Save in the iPhone the most?

We all know that iPhone mobiles can capture pictures in a pretty good quality. Because of that, many use it to easily take pictures of our loved ones and every day events in our life.  The most popular photos and videos that iPhone users save in their mobile are:

  • Family photos 
  • Summer photos
  • Nature photos
  • Pet photos
  • Christmas and fashion photos
  • Music and funny videos
  • Business videos

Data loss can happen to anyone at any time. Unfortunately, many are not prepared for that moment. Imagine that you deleted something off your iPhone and after some time you actually need it back. In a few minutes, you can lose all your beloved pictures and videos that you have for years! No more pictures of your kids, no more pictures of your family and friends, videos of your child’s first words – they are all GONE! If you don’t want to lose your precious memories, keep reading to find out what can you do to save them.  
If you accidentally deleted all your photos/videos on your iPhone, you must be freaking out! Possible questions in your mind: “Will I ever get my photos again? What about that funny video with my cousin?” Don’t feel hopeless! We have a solution for your annoying situation. Don’t believe us?  We’ll prove that you were wrong.

There is only one way for you to recover your deleted photos from iPhone – Wondershare Dr.Fone (Mac). This iPhone photo recovery software is your data rescue tool! It will help you to back up all your videos and photos. If you accidentally lost them, you can easily find them back.

It can recover up to 12 file formats
Quickly iPhone photo recovery
Simple process of recovery
Saves data after your device is lost, broken, smashed or crashed.
2 different recovery modes
Some of the possible situations when you can easily lose your iPhone data:
You accidentally pressed the delete button and lost all your important data
Your iPhone was broken
You lost some pictures and videos after update

When you lose your pictures and videos, you will start appreciate them even more. Hundreds of videos and pictures can be erased in a minute. Your iPhone is not only a mobile phone. It keeps safe important moments that you shared with your family and friends. You don’t want to forget those moments, right?
As we already said, iPhone is not only a mobile phone but your precious memories with your family and friends that you can easily forget. We always think that we can’t accidentally erase our data. Something like that can’t happen to us because we are careful. Wrong! Almost every iPhone user experiences some type of data loss. You can be one of them! Prepare on time by using Wondershare Dr.Fone. With it, photo recovery iPhone is easy and quick!