Do You Ever Wonder What Santa Does After Christmas?

Do you ever wonder what Santa does after Christmas? So does Tyler. This inspiring and entertaining book is all about Tyler, a little boy with a huge imagination and an unquenchable curiosity. Come along for the ride as Tyler follows the man in the bright red suit, finding just where he is on vacation throughout the rest of the year.

Tyler like most young boys is a little bit curious and wants to find out what Santa does year round.He packs up and follows Santa all around the world learning new words and also new cultures. The book is a great tool for teaching children about all the different cultures from all around the world.

Your children will consider the book occupying,useful,and fun.It's both amusing and enthralling, yet it instructs young people qualities and energizes tolerance for departures while giving them a true size of the globe, encouraging them to take a gander at the globe past their home towns.

By Author  : Elizabeth Rooks