Check Websites for Broken and Blacklisted links

Non-working backlinks are considered highly amateur. They reflect poorly on your business and deter visitors from coming back to your website. Even worse are outgoing links to websites that could cause harm to visitors through phishing or even malware. That's why Dr. Link Check not only checks the validity of links, but also matches them against lists of known malicious websites.

As we all know links are known to affect your website ranking on search engines.Bad links can even effect it negativity.Search engines want to provide the best links available and could reduce your website ranking if they find tons of dead links throughout your website.

The folks at Dr. Link Check will provide you with a free link check that will point out all the dead links so you can fix them and boost your rankings in the search engines. I ran the check on this website and actually found out of 1000 links that 54 were broken. Now i can basically find those links edit them and hopefully boost my rankings!

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