Positive and Negative Attributes Regarding Yotang Review

Yotang is an online retailer where you can purchase directly from China. There are many Chinese suppliers who are offering products for cheaper prices and with more information. In a Yotang review every supplier and transaction is verified, so that nothing goes wrong on both sides. Yotang specializes in offering cell phone, computer accessories, consumer electronics, lasers pointers, cameras, security equipments etc.

Yotang offers limited items, as it makes itself look professional in the field of electronics. When a buyer places an order the product is ready within 1-2 business days, and delivered within 3-5 days. Yotangs shipping carriers are DHL, UPS, TNT and FedEx. The payment methods are western union, wire transfer or xoom.

Yotang is a wholesale platform, so small quantity orders are accepted, as they will also be treated with good service just like big orders. You have to register yourself enable to have access to the website and order a product.

 In a Yotang review people have loved the promotions offered by this online retailer, as it provides a good amount of discount. It also offered certain discounted coupons on specific items even shipping coupons are offered. The discount ranges from 5, 10 15 or even more percentage. Many customers have negative reviews regarding Yotang, as they say that the company is a scam. Products that many people had ordered were never delivered to them and neither was there money refunded to them. There are also customers who find the Yotang products to be cheap and reliable. The most products which are purchased by people are the laser pointers. Many people like the quality and the pricing of it. In a Yotang review a customer had given a feedback that the website is very easy to use and is user friendly. Each item has its own separated section and the products are of high quality. Every product sold by Yotang has its own features and usage purpose. 

Overall people had given mostly negative feedbacks regarding the company and products. The products are cheap but at the same time many people had stated that they do not take the products back if there is something wrong with it even if it is under warranty. The customer service is not efficient enough as it takes the too long to reply and solve an issue. Not everyone has the same experience some have well and some have bad experiences. http://www.chinawholesalereview.com/