File2Cart - Automated Shopping Cart Data Import

If you run an online store or have inventory you know the importance of having all your inventory in order. With File2Cart you wont have to worry about loosing your data anymore and will always have a backup.Not only will you have all your files saved you will save a lot of time and energy and what normally will take weeks can be all achieved in one day!

  File2Cart is a service, aimed at enhancing and simplifying product import from a .csv, .xml, .txt file or feed to store database. By using it, you can update your store catalogue, add new products or modify the existing ones.The procedure of setting up product import is extremely easy. All the user has to do is: - register an account - set up target shopping cart details - provide .csv, .xml or .txt files with the database

Basically, that’s it. All the rest is done by highly-qualified engineers and the user can just track the process from their account. For those, who are not certain that they can do it on their own, there is also an extra Assisted Import option. The whole setup will be done by File2Cart programmers and the user won’t have to bother at all. Depending on the urgency the customer can have it done in 3 business days (standard priority) or 24 hours (high priority). File2Cart offers the possibilities of One-Time or Scheduled Product Import.