Old Fashion Deli In Winnipeg

The deli has been in business just short of 30 years and is owned and operated by a woman named Marla who is the original owner. It's sandwiched between River heights and Tuxedo in Winnipeg in the Corydon Village Mall conveiniently located near the Royal Bank (RBC), a few hair salons, gift shops, and other services like an accountant.

The best thing on the menu is the Grilled Chicken Caeser Sandwich which is overflowing with unreal caser salad, it's on thick Cut Rye, and uses fresh, skinless, boneless Chicken breast. The one crazy thing about this place is that despite how popular it is, the prices are still super low. You can actually get a filling fresh meal with a side and a drink for under $10 (and you'll probably be taking left overs home with you.) The waitstaff are very friendly and there is a real old fashioned family vibe. Breakfast is served all day and the restaurant closes after the last customer leaves in the afternoon.


This old fashion deli is an awesome place to enjoy a meal in a comfy and laid back atmosphere.The staff are very friendly and can accommodate small or large dinner parties.If you are in the area and want to enjoy a wonderful sandwich you have to stop and see these guys!