The Ultimate Cooking App

I recently ran across an app called Is It Ready Yet It helps you determine cooking time for whole cuts of meat.

Is It Ready Yet is a cooking timer app made for your iPhone that enables you to stay alert with cooking times and temperatures. This app will help you cook roasts,whole poultry and even tenderloins perfectly each and every time and offers a more practical way to determine whether the food has been ready or not.

Here are a few features included in the Is It Ready Yet App:
* Suggested cooking times and temperatures based on the settings given by the US Department of Agriculture
* Simple selector to choose roast type and weight
* Giving information about Beef Roasts, Pork Roasts, and Poultry including Chicken, Turkey, and Duck
* Safe cooking and temperatures displayed
* Integrated timer and alarm
* Easy to use metric conversion
* One click launch of the timer
* Future features planned include social media integration

So if you cook a lot of meats or just planning that special romantic dinner and would like the temperature of the food to come out correctly this app is for you.If your a profession chef or a casual cook it always helps to have a tool like this handy!