The Right Way To End Your Maid Of Honor Speech

When you’ve been asked to be the Maid of Honor, it is a very important position that you must play in the wedding. You are not just the support of the bride through the entire wedding planning process, you are also responsible for the speech. The most important part of the speech is not what you say in the middle but how you end the speech.

You can be funny or serious throughout the maid of honor speech . You can tell embarrassing tidbits about the bride that no one ever knew except for you or you can quote some inspirational dialogue from a movie. What really counts, however, is how you tie it all together at the end because that is the part that everyone will remember and possibly make it possible to forgive you for whatever you said throughout your speech.

The speech needs to end on a very light and happy note. This includes telling the bride how happy you are for her, how you know she’s found the right person and how you wish her many years of joy in her marriage. Remember that everyone at the reception will be listening to your speech. Also, for inspiration, check out these example maid of honor speeches.

The ultimate goal is to get everyone to raise his or her glasses with you and toast to the couple’s good fortune.

End the speech on the right note so that everyone wants to raise their glasses and toast to what you say in the last 30 seconds of your speech. Even if you ramble for the rest of your speech, this is your chance to redeem yourself.

Put on a big smile, raise your glass as high as you can and tell the bride exactly what she wants to hear: that she will be happy for the rest of her life.