Will PokerRoom Reopen by the New Year

Social media sites are abuzz with the news that PokerRoom is potentially re-opening after closing more than two years ago. Thriving for a decade between 1999 and 2009, the site was finally shut-down by its operators for under-performing. Now, with the news of the potential reopening of the website, it has been speculated that the online poker site could become one of the top-ten poker websites online.

What do the operators of the site have to say about the potential re-opening? Operators aren’t commenting on the date of the new site opening but there have been accounts created on both Twitter and Facebook for the popular poker website, causing speculation that the website is going to soon be opened.

What’s prompting the opening of PokerRoom? There has been chatter that the legalization of online gambling is coming to the US and with this legalization, PokerRoom is going to make for easier operation, allowing the popular website to resurface as one of the top ten poker rooms for players wanting to take their game online.

PokerRoom was one of the first online poker rooms to develop a platform for players on the Mac and comes with the name recognition and easy searches for the common terms ‘poker room’.

Though no comments have been made on the speculation of when the site is going to reopen, it has been speculated that the site is going to open sooner than later. Banners have been changed on the website from the previous banners which direct customers to Party Poker, another popular online real money poker website, to banners that hint to the website coming back up and about, with players able to sign up and once again take part in real money poker cash games.

What do you think? Is Poker Room going to be back up and running in the New Year?