ScolioTrack Track and Manage Scoliosis

ScoliosisScoliotrack is a safe and innovative way to track your scoliosis condition. The device basically allows the user to track the progress of the abnormal spinal curves that occur in scoliosis. With the touch of an iPhone the user is able to track their month to month progression. This easy-to-use program is suitable for scoliosis sufferers of all ages. Its high degree of accuracy makes this application suitable for professional such as Medical Doctors, Chiropractors or Physiotherapist and simple enough for personal use at home.

The app will track your height,weight,and record photos of your back.Then the data is graphed so it's easy to read each month.You pretty much will have a device that will track and manage the progression of your scoliosis.

If you or someone you know suffers from scoliosis be sure to download the app here