Twiends Auto Follow Back Feature

Twiends has announced that they are extremely happy and just released an auto follow back feature.This feature allow's you to automatically follow back those who follow you on twiends.It's primarily aimed at those members who want to reciprocate follows with others,and has been built with twitter's rules on automation in mind. It provides a few options for following back, such as waiting a day, checking for seeds first and following back everyone.And you can turn it on under your twitter settings - click on 'modify options'

Twiends Auto Follow Back

If your new to Twiends it's basically a way to get twitter friends,followers and grow your community.You can also find people in your own country or with the same interests as you.Twiends is a credit based system that provides people with an incentive to follow each other.There are options available to purchase credits as well.
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