Eels Are Used to Put Out Fires

This definitely looks like a moray eel.I would postulate the following occurrence brought him to what would appear to be your hilly, dry locale.During forest and brush fires, firefighters use helicopters to dump water on the fire in order to put it out, especially if local water sources are scarce. That would be the case here, out in the middle of nowhere, where there are no convenient hydrants. Well, these helicopters use whatever water sources they can find--including ocean water, lake water, and any other water sources that might be close by.

I would imagine this poor sucker got sucked up into their tank and plummeted a few hundred feet to his crispy, crunchy doom.If you look at the ground, it definitely looks a bit charred.That,the relative head shape of the presumed eel,and a general knowledge of firefighting, brought me to the above conclusion.Just a theory though. It could also be the first of our alien overlords.

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