Mileage Shop The Leader in Hho Kits and Hydrogen Kits

Hydrogen gas includes a significantly greater flame speed than normal gasoline and acts like a catalyst to assist the gasoline burn far more cleanly and completely. This is why only a modest amount of hydrogen is needed. Mileage Shop uses Hydrogen gas not to replace the gasoline, but to assist the gasoline.

It's pretty much common knowledge that only about 30% of the fuel(gas or diesel) which you put inside your vehicles gas tank isn't burned during the engines combustion process.Gasoline engines use a catalytic converter, so wasted fuel can also be re-burned.If you Inject a small amount of hydrogen gas into your vehicles engine it will dramatically increase your vehicles horsepower and produce a complete burning of all the fuel.

Mileage Shop has some of the latest and most advanced hydrogen kits and hho kits available for your car or truck.All the systems comes with a lifetime warranty.

When you order a kit You can expect a 45%-60% mileage increase or more, depending on your vehicle and driving habits.Every situation is different, so this is an estimate only.

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