Beads from Bead Crafty

Beads are most commonly used in creating beautiful Jewellery but beads can be used for other projects also. They can be used to decorate clothing, brooches, photo frames,make art,and all kinds of soft furnishings.These beads are ideal for adding sparkle to that old handbag that you have stuffed away in the back of your cupboard or to your other accessories - you can update last season's sunglasses or that purse you never use anymore. The bead could even be used for decorating picture frames, table cloths, bedding, curtains or lampshades. Beads can be sewn on to any old clothes that you have lying around or added to necklaces and bracelets to add some colour.

The guys over at Bead Crafty offers a large selection of beads to choose from.They have some of the finest hand picked glass beads,lampwork beads,Plastic beads,Wooden beads and many more for any project of yours.You also receive Same day dispatch and free delivery on ALL orders, regardless of order value.

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