Painting Without a Mess? Only With PaintByHand iPad App

Painting is very fun to do,especially for the little ones, but cleaning up things afterwards isn't all that fun.Thanks to revolutionary new technology,we now have the ability and it's a remarkable application that enables us to paint 'digitally'without the mess.

PaintByHand, is an iPad app for art, painting and creativity, a futuristic flip book where you can paint using your hands and then share it with friends. The app is quite simple to use, it has various colors and brushes available.

I'm not technically a painter myself, but I love drawing sketches in my leisure times. Having PaintByHand in my iPad makes it easy for me to paint anytime I want, even when I am sitting on the bus or waiting for someone. The best thing about this app is that it's very easy to share your creations, You can post to your Facebook account effortless,You can also email the pics,or submit your work to the PaintByHand gallery.You can also Check out the PaintByHand video on Youtube

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