John Mayer Stratocaster Review

This is a awesome guitar called the John Mayer Strat This Stratocaster along with John Mayer has swept through the music world with a bluesy flair, and there probably aren’t too many people by now who do not have at least a couple of his hits memorized.


It's a beautiful guitar a work of art if you ask me, even an American vintage with Mayer’s personal preferences.The Mayer Strat delivers a great versatile sound.It’s perfect for the bluesy stuff that Mayer is known for, but my favorite it can also rock out and create great jazz music with grace.

How did all this get started you mite ask,He got into blues the first time he heard Stevie Ray Vaughan, on a cassette tape.His dad rented him a guitar when he was 13, and he began to take lessons.The John Mayer Strat is customized to create a blues rock sound.So what are you waiting for head on over and check this beautiful work of art out Here