Electric Lambo Lamborghini Minotauro

The challenge in creating this new Lamborghini “Minotauro” lies in not only staying within the strong identity system of the Lambo line, but also in making the vehicle electric! The challenge of course isn’t creating an electric car. We’ve had electric cars for years now.The challenge lies in convincing the consumer that not only is it cool to drive an electric car,it’s really cool to drive an electric supercar!Designer Andrei Avarvarii has a vision for a smooth, voluptuous Lamborghini.Equipped with four asynchronous motors that divide the power 70% to the rear and 30% to the front axle. The car’s electricity is supplied by a Li-Tec flatcell battery pack located in the rear, doubled by a KERS system in the front. In the back, where the gigantic engine would normally be,there’s a third seat.Triangular shaped air extakes in the back serve as cooling for the battery. As an added bonus, they also channel the sound of the electric motors behind them, blasting it like subwoofers.

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