Volkswagen Pholeum The Green Chariot

This is a future-world speedway single-person-transport.It’s called the VW Pholeum Green Chariot.This chariot has a external wheel base which allows a 360 degree range fully immersed rubberized tires and independent spoke arrangements allowing for full bump absorption without the use of suspension.The controls are all at your fingertips mirroring that of a game controller.This bad boy has Memory Plastic panels and body which will allow for super-simple deformation after collisions or scratches (auto repair!) With further ability to be melted down and re-molded should irreparable damage occur.Chassis are made of aluminum alloy with honey comb shape, bio-degradable rubber for the tires, brand new air bag system. In each pod is six airbags. Two bags in the pod and one on each of the tires.The Powerhouse utilizes hydrogen fuel cell technology,using “future fuel” to generate enough power for the electric motors situated in each wheel.