Wanna Ride a Carbon Fiber Skateboard

This skateboard is designed by Louis Bradier he aims to bring ski technology to the skateboard. In doing so, Bradier aims for comfort, lightness, and simplicity. Perfect goals for a most-excellent activity and sport situation.The board is made of carbon fiber, allowing the whole board to be only 3.3 Pounds

Carbon Fiber Skateboard

Carbon Fiber Skateboard

Carbon Fiber Skateboard

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Thats retarded you cant use this for anything other then riding around

I thought that's what people did on skateboards is ride around?

hahah! look up longboarding before you bash like an ignorant douche:) it's so much fun bom,bing huge hills, like snowboarding on concrete!

So you don't think these can do tricks?
Never know until you try.

How can you make ollie(kick and jump)?buhaha

its called sliding, look it up and then talk shit about the tricks you can and cant to on this thing you narrow minded swine.

i dont like all the hate in this discussion.

It's a skate board.. all RELAX!

Long boarding is a real sport
Chumps... I've got a broke fibula right now
Thanks to one, not to mention I shortboard, race bikes, and freeride, and use I'm sponsored, so all
You uninformed morons should hold off befor you talk about a sport you know nothing about.. "kickjump"'buhahahah morons ;)

OK and the point of all this is. Its a board. If you like it get it. If not then don't.

I'm just wishing there was more information on this page, what are the facts, why exactly is it better to have a lighter longboard?

boards like these are meant for going fast downhill/freeriding. would you rather have a light board that is easier to control or a heavy ass brick that just want's to go straight? plus carbon fiber is multiple times stronger than just wood. so you get all the strength of a wooden board but in a lighter package. its not that hard to wrap your head around

Longboarders for life!

Skateboards are far more superior than their bastardized cousins, the long board. I can do everything on a skateboard you can on a long board including, but not limited to, (@dylanx666) power slides and bombing giant hills and I can also can do a whole slew of other things that you can't do on a long board. Long boards are, by far, less capable, less versatile, and overall less fun than skateboards.

Not true, a regular skateboard(Which I ride as well) cannot reach the same speeds as a longboard, is not as stable, and you can't carve in the same manner, as per wheelbite. They're different things, and this is a wonderful idea.

Hey get a life, then get a bike. About the stupidest thing on earth is the frigging skateboard. Hmmmm...Ya Im sponsored too....Buy your mom. She told me to tell ya..get a job, while your out raising hell on somethings that uses people for brakes....DUMASS

Carbon fiber tech is most of all a passion for tech, from who had the idea to do it and to whom would buy it. Buying such an item is a sponsorship to beauty, engineering as an art form and hell yeah, its just for the cool of it. A longboard is a type of skateboard for calm usage in a warm weekend, the far I would use it, then get it besides my 2 carbon fiber bikes, that cost about 1000 euro per kilo. No, I'm not rich. Its cool. There's some envious people here or am I wrong?