Humanoid Robot Car

This car is robot compliant,You can sit this robot right down in there, a little robot helper for you to ride with. This project goes by the name “Humanoid Robot.” This robot it built to be an autonomous type of machine, one that adapts and learns, and also one that’s meant to help it’s master, you, the human.The robot is 47In in height,and it works not only to assist its human friend in driving, but also in social life. For example, the robot tells you the news you’d like to know as it happens, like which one of your non-robot-owning friends just got in an accident because they forgot what a stop sign was for. But it doesn’t just have the ability to warn you, nay, this robot can drive for you if you’re totally busy with your cell phone. When you go grocery shopping, it can carry your bags. When you move from one house to another, this robot can help you pack.And the car is powered by fuel-cell technology, an ecological vision.

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