The Terrifying BP Oil Spill From Space

This is just horrifying to see but this is the The BP Oil Spill From Space.The BP oil spill has Basically given the entire world pause and reflection on what the true price of our oil dependant lifestyle can cause.

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After Oil Spill

Here is a Picture before the oil spill

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So where's the oil? I've seen pictures of the gulf from space before, and they often show muddy water off the coastline. The swampy coastline is already being washed into the gulf year by year, and there is nothing that could or should be done. It's nature at work.

Let's hope they can "clean" it up.

nigga please, I invest in BP

We have more wahles and fishm they'll live just fine


If your investing in british petroleum stock aka BP You may need have to sell your spinning wheels to put food on the table..

BP's stock has lost close to half its value sibritish petroleum since the spill occurred, though it was up by $1.19 to $33.97 on Friday