Swatch Scratch-Proof Watch

This is one sweet looking durable watch.The Swatch concept watch by designer Allan George is basically aimed at the youth who like to wear trendy fashion, but maybe rough with it. Although latest scratch-proof glass materials are used in Omega, Rolex and ilk, but not all brands use this for their entire collection. And a watch with scratches on it Is just Nasty! Allan’s concept simple does away with the glass face and replaces it with a plastic-rubber finish. The colored hands peep out, behind a transparent rim, giving the watch a trendy and easy look!

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My design concept of the Swatch Concept Watch / No Scratch Watch has no actual affiliation with the company Swatch Ltd. from Switzerland, and it is not a concept that they have commissioned. It is therefore not being manufactured or promoted by Swatch Ltd. My watch design does no longer show the Swatch logo.