Plug-In Attachable Motorcycle Car Combo

This is the “Plug-In” affordable youth mobility project by Ramesh Gound.There is a big “buy 1 get 1 free” shopping attitude in the market.This simple concept gave Gound the idea to take two motorcycles and attach them in the middle.Each motorcycle is owned by its respective party, a young person with a big appetite for sports vehicles but a small pocketbook,Once two motos attach in the middle, they become that fantastic sports car of your dreams.Two drive-by-wire bikes are owned by separate people.They may want to attach them for a longer drives or some sort of trip that isn't great for a motorcycle.They attach in the center of the two,The hood is made of D3O, which when the bikes are not attached, stows away in the bike configuration. This whole concept is aimed to take on congested cities.

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