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Basically After you start to participate and place one small customizable ticker(banner) with links on your website would in exchange allow your blog posts previews appear on hundreds of some of the most interesting blogs and websites In the world. Your blog posts previews appear instantly before 3,000,000 unique daily blog readers audience. The 2leep system carefully tracks that every participant gets more than he gives, bringing back 170% 250% visitors more. In general all partners get 20% increase to their daily stats numbers.Join 2leep Here

You can tell when I joined 2leep by my stats for this site below.

Here is a friends site
he Started In January.

And some Sites with Huge Traffic doubling traffic in days.

Here Are a few examples Below.

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Hmm..that's an interesting one. Haven't heard of it yet. Thanks for the info!

It's a similar system provided by http://us.marketgid.com/. I got around 50-100 traffic a day from them, not a bad system


It is a similar system to marketgid,I Have a marketgid box on this site and get 30-100 hits a day from them.The only difference with 2leep is you can submit a new blog post everyday and get about five to ten more hits then marketgid.

I never heard of them after i submitted my four blogs & i think it's now 4 weeks ago... not sure which blogs they accept...


You can email the moderator here igor2leep@live.com His name is Igor

Hope this helps


hi there can you tell me please that 2leep is not accepting my new posts of moderation, here they said "you can't submit more links today try tomorrow"...
i am facing this problem since from 2 month.
after that i apply for new blog and i got approve, but once again same problem with new account... please guide me what i can do...

emmajames Some times you have to wait several weeks to be accepted.

You can also try

You can email the moderator here igor2leep@live.com His name is Igor

Or the Forum here http://forum.2leep.com/