The 2020 Harley Davidson 1

Laser cuts all over the place. Options. Wheels. Great things. All of this under the title “2020 Harley Davidson 1,” designed by Jonathan Russell. There’s other features, like two ways to sit, greatnesses here and there, but the most fabulous of these is the Apple Computers inspired laser-etched perforations in the aluminum which gives translucency enough to let the LED lights underneath shine through.As Russell notes, the perforations are evident in the newish Apple Macbook Pro, which has the “no-light-when-off” but “shiny loveliness when turned on” features that we all know and love. This is used on the cycle to display gauges and GPS systems on the gas tank surface. In a similar move, the perforated aluminum behind the seat hide and reveal the tail lights and turning signals.

Non skid treads. Enlarged V-Twin engine, hidden battery and oil tank. Such a lovely chrome “picture frame” for the engine this doth make. Gas tank, airbox, oil tank, and battery all located inside the tank area.Wrapped two to one exhaust. Perimeter breaks for ultra-stopping.Due to the long history of flat track racing Harley’s got and the designer wanted to represent, this motorcycle’s got such a power to weight ratio as to rip it up with extreme speed on roads across the country.

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This idiot has obviously never ridden a Harley. Nice "concept" but not practical not does it have the Harley mystique! Nice try Jr. Stick with the Jap bikes.

Harley mystique? Lmao that's rich. Decades old design by a company that has to go cry to the government to bail them out every time they are outsold in the showroom. They should have let Harley die years ago instead of allowing them to pump out their overpriced road commodes. But hey, at least Harley can make a mean advertisement right?

I have rode a Harley (customized road king) and can't say I'd pay the extra money. This concept bike does get me thinking though. thinking I might want a Harley.

P.O.S. wtf happened o American muscle? Looks like a fag ass BMW, jap hybrid.