BMW Joins Mile High Club | BMW Building Jets

BMW has turned their gaze on the private jet airplane industry.Collaborating with Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer, BMW DesignworksUSA brings us the Phenom 100 and 300. A mostly prototypical jet with one unique feature, a BMW inspired interior. This interior does a really good job of BMW displaying luxury.

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Actually BMW got its start making aiplanes. Hence why their emblem is a propeller for a prop powered aircraft.

To be accurate in a manner bordering the anally retentive, BMW got its start by making aeroplane engines. It was BFW (Bayerische Flugzeuqwerke), which BMW purchased in 1922, that made aeroplanes.

Actually it is a common misconception that it is a propeller on the BMW logo - it is in fact a dipctition og the Bawarian flag...