LED Alley Traffic Lights

Most of us don’t think of congested alleys but in Korea they’re some of the busiest intersections where over 40% of accidents occur. Like a regular traffic light, the AISA is a 3 or 4 way signal. It’s made of titanium alloy with a round shape to disperse direct forces.The Small camera based sensors detect whenever foot, bike, or motor traffic approachs and warns cross traffic with flashing LEDS. The color indicates the degree of danger and the flashing rhythm denotes speed.It’s not really meant to control the flow of traffic like a stop light but it does give you a sense of what’s coming ahead.The Designer is Jeongseon Park Subscribe Here For Daily Updates If you find this post interesting.

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sweet I wanna see these live

The problem of the concept lies within its position on the ground - the traffic signal has to be visible for the following traffic as well!

So, what happens if they are covered in dirt?

I'm sure they will wash them from time to time greg.