Colossal Sea Monster Named "Pliosaur" Found That Would Have Eaten T Rex for Breakfast

The Huge skull of a prehistoric sea monster so large it could make Devour a Adult T Rex has been unearthed on the Dorset coast.The ferocious creature, once called a pliosaur, terrorised the oceans over 150 million years ago during the time of the dinosaurs.Experts say the 8ft-long skull is so big it could have belonged to one of the largest pliosaurs ever found – a monstrous predator measuring more than 52 foot in length.

The remains above were found by a fossil hunter along the World Heritage Jurassic Coast, a 95-mile stretch of beach and cliff between Dorset and East Devon. The exact location near Charmouth in Dorset has been kept secret to stop others raiding the spot.Pliosaurs were a form of plesiosaur – a group of giant aquatic reptiles – with short necks and huge, crocodile-like heads.The creatures were vicious hunters, whose four paddle-like limbs, powerful jaws and huge, razor- sharp teeth made quick work of passing prey.Dr Richard Forrest, a plesiosaur expert, said: ‘Seeing this thing in the flesh, so to speak, is just jaw dropping.

This was the top level predator of its day.Its jaw was designed to deliver a bite so powerful that it could have ripped a car in half with no problem.It could have taken a human in one gulp. In fact, something like a T Rex or Large Whale would have been breakfast for a beast like this.’Scientists believe the specimen could be one of the largest pliosaurs yet found.The skull is 90 per cent complete it was painstakingly unearthed piece by piece over eight years by Kevan Sheehan, 40.He found the first of the 25 bones in 2000.

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