The Coca Cola Powered Cell Phone

Chinese designer Daizi Zheng has created a mobile phone that uses sweet drinks like Coca Cola instead of lithium batteries.

Zheng has been working on this revolutionary device for Finnish cellphone giant Nokia, and claims he has come up with a way of using sugar-based drinks to power mobiles. Any sweet drink, even sugar-sweetened water would be enough to keep the phone running much longer than lithium batteries

Now they can use this liquid to power a cell phone? Can you believe that cokes recipe is in the top 5 world’s biggest kept secrets?

The bio-battery invented by Daizi Zheng generates electricity from carbohydrates, using special enzymes as catalysts. In the process, the device generates oxygen and water. The designer claims his sugar-based bio-battery lasts up to four times longer than a fully charged lithium battery and is much easier to recharge: just pour some more sweet fuel.

Bottom line is that if this thing works, lots of money is going to be saved.
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