Chewing Gum Disposal "Green Seeds"

If you get chewing gum stuck to something precious (clothes, shoes, hair etc.) then rub some peanut butter then scrape it off. The main point is,you already got chewing gum stuck to you because you didn't have a handy paper around for proper disposal. The ingenious “Green Seeds” chewing gum bottle design addresses this issue and features a perforated paper-tape dispenser at the bottom of the bottle plus a temporary storage space for used gum. To use this bad boy simply pull off the paper stub, wrap the used gum and shove it into the bottom.Subscribe Here For Daily Updates If you find this post interesting

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yeah great idea, it's just exactly the same thing that we have on our snus in sweden but whitout the paper. Although I'm amazed with how long it took for someone to get that idea with chewing gum.