Free YouTube Money

You’ve invested a lot of time in learning how to perform video
marketing successfully: However, there’s one area many
marketers don’t fully explore – and that is using YouTube to
conduct your own video marketing research. Properly done, YouTube
video marketing research can help you decide in advance whether
or not a product is worth creating – before you ever invest a

Do some keyword research to find out what people are looking
for, then make a short “throwaway” video on one element of
your proposed product subject, just to see how much response
you’re going to get – and which market segment you need to
narrow and focus that product towards, in order to actually get
customers that want to pay cash.

And this is where WordTracker’s free keyword research tool
really comes into its own…

You see, normally, when marketers do keyword research, they have
a solid idea of which long-tailed keywords to use. (For those new
to marketing, a “long-tailed keyword” is actually a phrase:
e.g. “training your Siamese cat”, rather than an actual
keyword such as “cat”.)

However, WordTracker’s free keyword research tool is great if
you’re starting off with a simple, generic keyword like
“cat”, because it can suggest actual long-tailed phrases for
you to work with. (No pun intended!)

For example, let’s take “cat”, since we’ve already used
that example. (Note: you’ll want long-tailed phrases of at
least three words or more!)

Here’s just a sampling of what we’ve come up with in
WordTracker today…

Cats illness symptoms
Biggest cat in the world
Homemade cat repellent
Funny cat pictures
How to draw a cat
Homemade cat food recipes
Make your own natural cat repellent
What is wrong with my cat
Make your own cat food
Fattest cat in the world
How to make a cat scratcher

What you would then do is try out some of these phrases in
Google as a search parameter, in quotes. You want more than 5,000
searches and less than 150,000, in order to find a viable phrase
to work with.

In our example, “Make your own Natural Cat Repellent”
garnered 6,260 searches – with most of these results dealing
equally with (a) keeping cats out of unwanted areas of your home
or yard (b) discouraging other peoples’ cats from visiting

Let’s say you’ve searched for “cats” because you’re a
breeder or veterinary assistant. (In other words, you have
expertise in the area searched for.)

You can then quickly make a short video, using the key phrase
above, to perform market research, in order to find out exactly
what is the “hot” button, when it comes to cat repellents. Is
it keeping cats safe? Solving behavioral issues? Cutting down on
destructive habits?

What is the one aspect of cat repellent products that people are
desperate for?

Ask your viewers, right in your video. Invite them to leave
comments. And don’t forget to send others to your video from
social marketing sites (and your own lists and forums).

By the time you create your final product – your Super Powered
Cat Repellent or Keep Kitty Safe Cat Repellent or whatever was
indicated by your research results – you’ve set yourself up
to sell a winner!

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