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AlreadyHosting is an independent web hosting review site.If you are looking for affordable web site hosting AlreadyHosting offers the top 10 hosts for the best price around,These are among the best hosting companies on the web.

If you are Currently looking to create a professional web site for your business, blog, church,or other website you may want to consider some other cheap (but great alternatives).Although Google web hosting features many great tools you really are limited with what you can do.I would suggest Checking out google web hosting.These Google web hosting alternatives cost less than $5 per month but will give you unlimited bandwidth,unlimited disk space, and something that Google will not give you A Free Domain Name for Life!

Again, if you are looking to create you own personal website just for you, Google web hosting would be a great free option; however, if you are looking to create a professional image for your site on the web you should choose one of the web hosting providers listed on these guys site.Google web hosting will allow you to create your own site but fails to provide you with the resources that other hosts can bring. For example,it is almost nearly impossible to install wordpress or any other CMS on a Google Web Hosting server.Also for a professional appearance on the web you should have your own custom domain name.You can get this free with the purchase of web hosting but not with a free account from Google Sites.

Google Web Hosting: has now shifted to .. The new Google web hosting page allows you to create rich web pages easily, collect all your information in one place, and control who can view and edit your site. Like all google application Google web hosting is easy to use and a great web hosting option for anyone looking for a very simple web page.

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