An Monumental Self Working Card Trick.

As you know Most people would like to learn a card trick but believe these
tricks are just too hard to perform.This is a awesome tutorial on how to
perform an impressive yet self-working card trick. You need to
remove any two kings from a standard deck of cards and set them
aside. Next you will write down a prediction on a piece of paper
and then fold the paper in two and place it between the two
kings. You tell your audiences that the kings will be protecting
your secret. Have an audience member place his or her hand over
the kings and the written prediction. You explain that each of
the king’s favorite number is five and since there are two of
them, the new magic number will be ten.

You now deal ten cards off the top of the deck and have your
audience pick any four cards. You pick up the remaining six cards
and place them on the bottom of the deck making sure that no one
sees the bottom card. You now turn over the four chosen cards and
explain that since ten is the magic number, these cards must now
equal the number ten. You go on to explain that all the face
cards and the four tens equal ten. The rest of the cards equal
their face value and the aces are equal to one.

You should now remind the audience that you had no way of
controlling which four of the ten cards would be selected. So if
the four cards that are shown are a four, six, three and a nine
you would add six cards to the first pile, four cards to the
second pile, seven cards to the third pile and one card to the
fourth pile. Now you explain that the magic number of ten has
been reached and you can go on with the trick.

You now add up the value of the four cards that were chosen; in
this case the four, six, three and nine equal a total of 22. You
now take the remaining deck and count off 22 cards. Have an
audience member open up the prediction and read it out aloud.
Then have another audience member turn over the 22nd card and it
will be the predicted card.

Here is how this trick works. You simply need to know what the
bottom card is. With the two kings removed, this trick will
always work out mathematically to arrive at the last card in the
deck. This is why it is important that you put the six cards that
were not selected on the bottom of the deck. This will keep
people from seeing the bottom card as you go about performing the

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