Weird Giant Humans Skeletons | The Sleeping Giants

Aside from mythology and folklore(Tall tales),The remains of extremely tall people have been reported,and some found in the Americas and other parts of the world.These are usually classified as remains that indicate persons of between 7 and 12 Feet (some up to 36 feet)in stature.The book Forbidden Land by Robert Lyman (1971) recounts the following alleged finds.A human skeleton was found by soldiers that was 12 feet tall in California this guy had a double row of teeth. Their are eye witnesses that claim to have found an decayed human skeleton in a vineyard in November 1856.In Clearwater,Minnesota, they found seven giants in dirt mounds.
These had receding foreheads.I bet these folks looked pretty nasty,They could have been monsters or like you or me the would will never know.Below are a few pictures and "video"of what I call the "The Sleeping Giants".

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That stuff is just amazing - not just giant bones, but when you find human skeletal remains dated at supposedly millions of years old (see for more on that.)

I wish that mainstream science would give more research and consideration to this stuff instead of just ignoring it.

hmmm...i think that would be commonly called as acromegaly. A super acromegaly!!! lolz

Wow, would love to believe these pics but considering two different supposed dig sites had the exact same skulls (same teeth, cracks, breaks, discolouration etc) but on different angles. Can we say PHOTOSHOP?

This is true
We have in Islam, prophet mohamed said
God created Adm about 20 meters hight (30 arms)
then his offspring are getting smaller by time

The Nephilim are real I tell ya they are real!!

Man, the credulity knows no bounds. These are fakes. You might want to broaden your reading horizons beyond the koran or the bible.

Let's burn Koran . . . then the science will take over.

full of shit this article is . . .

photoshoped... these all all proven to be fake.

How do you know they arent real where you alive back then?

this is funny, especially when the skull in shot 3 and 6 are the same skull. Look at the teeth. Can you say photo shop?