Top 5 Loser Mega Bloggers On Twitter

Today I'm writing a post about who the top Mega Blog loser's They are on twitter and simply will not follow you back period.(At least not me)I was actually lucky enough to find one guy that is a mega blogger that did follow me back and Ill share below

Twitter is a privately funded start up with offices close to San Francisco,CA. They Started as a side project in March of 2006,Twitter has grown into a real-time short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices.
Basically the way you use twitter is following a user,sometimes when you follow someone they show the kindness and follow you back.

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1.Shoemoney-founder of ShoeMoney Media Group Jeremy Shoemoney is a Mega Loser today.

2.TechCrunch-Michael Arrington Is a Mega Loser Today

3.Mashable-Pete Cashmore Founder.CEO Is a Mega Loser today

4.Andy Beard- Is another Mega Loser today

5.Johncow-Jason Katzenback Is a Mega Loser Today

But that's not all folks Remember I mentioned there was one outstanding brave and awesome Individual that not only followed me on his main account he followed me on every single one listed below.

*problogger is following you back.
*emom is following you back.
*denisewakeman is following you back.
*jimkukral is following you back.

And the man of the day is........

Mr.Darren Rowse Of Problogger - Great Mega Blogger

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