Swine Flu Insurance Scam

A fellow member and subscriber sent me notice on
the newest scam going around called Swine Flu Insurance.

Now, don't get me wrong, there could be some
legitimate companies offering something in the future,
however, unless they're backed by a big name,
don't fall prey to their message.

Also - one of the oldest scams out there seems to
be showing it's head again: the online version of
a chain letter scam.

You send out a letter and in return get a few bucks.
This is being done a couple ways:

1- to gather email names illegally. You've probably
seen it. You get an email from an innocent friend
about some inspirational message and at the end
it alludes to the fact that unless you forward it 7 friends,
you'll be doomed for failure.

Technically, this is spam and don't risk falling prey
to this type of activity.

2 - The second way it shows up is in the form of a
payout up the chain. You pay person x just $20,
and then you'll have 2 people after you who
pay you $20. The idea is that you'll have $40
instead of your original $20 and then you'll be
ahead of the game...

Then it goes further.

After you get confidence, the stakes get higher because
then they move up the ladder to thousands of dollars.

I was reading about one program that had the stakes
as high as $20,000.

When the roll up stops - it all falls apart.

I recommend looking for something stable and secure
with a model that makes sense.

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