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How much is your Twitter user name worth? $300? $400? $1000 $10,000?
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With only a limited number of Twitter names available and many of the good ones already taken, it was perhaps inevitable that a market would spring up for Twitter username sales.

That was the thought that occurred to Craig Agranoff, one of the founders of the crowdsourcing site May 1st he’s launching an aftermarket for Twitter names at (Incidentally, Agranoff claims to have hired a developer for the project through the VOIS service itself for under $1000.)

It’s an inevitable idea, and one that raises the question, “what am I buying?”, since the Twitter (Twitter reviews) names are still owned by Twitter. But you might also wonder if the brands with the biggest wallets would make use of such a service: if you’re Walmart and your Twitter name is taken, you go direct to Twitter or the user who took it.

It’s more likely, then, that Tweexchange will become a market for individual’s names and generic terms. To do so, however, it’ll need to get enough attention to reach a critical mass of high quality usernames.

We just hope that putting a price on Twitter usernames doesn’t lead people to hoard thousands in the hope they might sell them later: alas, it seems this is exactly what might happen.

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Nice one.Lolz..Nut i wont sell my twitter name for anything..I love twitter :)
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