GreenBox The Future Pizza Box | By Eco Inc.

Do you love when something so right is also ingenuously simple? Then you'll love this GreenBox pizza box.And if you happen to be a CEO of a major pizza chain,get on the bus.Save time and money with this new design.
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The pizza box design has remained unchanged for the past thirty years. For your customers, the box is too unwieldy to store uneaten pizza and takes up too much space in the trash can and is totally environmentally unfriendly. For your company, it is an underutilized marketing tool that until now, ignored the time and attention paid to it by customers. With the introduction of our revolutionary new environmentally friendly box manufactured from 100% recycled material, the ‘Green Box’ (United States Patent 7,051,919), these issues have finally been addressed and overcome!

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thanks alot for this informations
it is really benefit

OMG that is so awesome every pizza company should invest in this. I would totally change my pizza place if the other had this.