World Reserve Monetary Exchange Free Safe Offer Rip Off

Today I Bought an Newspaper and found a full-page advertisement for World Reserve Monetary Exchange.I'm sure the ad appeared in many other papers around the country.(Louisiana Here) I wouldn't exactly call this a scam but do find these types of ads troubling because I think they prey on people's fears and ignorance.Draw your own conclusions.

At the top of the ad, sectioned off from the rest of the ad, is what at first glance appears to be a news article. (To comply with the law the words "PAID ADVERTISMENT" appear at the top of the ad.) The headline reads "7 Smart Places To Stash Your Cash "with a sub-headline reading "Home Safe Sales Smash 60 Year Record Due to New Banking Worries".A photo of a people outside an apparently closed bank has a caption reading, "Should Have Had Money In a Safe". Stunned customers show up at this Californai bank only to find the bank is closed." The "article" reports that regulators have closed several banks so far this year and have over 100 banks on their watch list.(I'm So Scared :)Not!

The "article" includes a way for readers to find out if their bank is "safe". For only $18 "readers of today's newspaper can either call or visit a web site to get the safety ratings of banks and credit unions.Below the "article" is a large ad (which could easily be mistaken for a news article) obviously targeting people that have been scared by the "news" reported in the "article" above that keeping your money in a bank may be unsafe. The headline reads, "Free armored safes being doled out to public". The sub-headline reads, "Public worry ends with just enough time left to beat the deadline to buy up new collection of brilliant never-circulated U.S. Gov't issued coins that never lose their cash value with free Armored Safes shipped to all". A photo shows row after row after row of safes with the caption, "HELP IS ON THE WAY". Smaller photos show a happy elderly woman named Carolyn Ford taking delivery of her safe (the caption reads,"NO MORE WORRIES") and several rolls of Presidential Dollars and Jefferson Bison Nickels (the caption reads, LIKE WINNING THE LOTTERY").

The "article" starts off with a by line Shawn Oyler - Universal Media Syndicate. Sounds legitimate to the Average Joe. (Shawn Oyler is the by line on many such ads.)

"Imagine finally getting something that will never lose its value.
Sound too good to be true?Well, it's true and word is quickly spreading about the free handout of Armored Safes filled with the never-before-seen World Reserve Collection of U.S. Gov't Coins. Each massive Collection contains 4,100 brilliant, never-circulated U.S. Gov't issued coins that by law will never be minted again."

The ad,futher the article goes on to say, "Coin values above face value can always fluctuate and there are no guarantees. But, this massive Collection will never, never, never lose its face value. You will always have something worth a lot of money." Well, that's reassuring.So Here's how the plan works.If you buy the 4,100 "U.S. Gov't issued, never-circulated" coins within the 72-hour deadline (read "HURRY! Buy now! Don't think about it! Time is running out!) World Reserve Monetary Exchange will throw in an "Armored Safe" for FREE!

How Do They Do IT You Ask Clever One????

Here's how:

The 4,100 coins you receive are $100 Presidential Dollars (face value = $100) and 4,000 Jefferson Bison Nickels (face value = $200). That is $300 worth of coins. These coins do not command a premium for an average collector who wants to sell these coins.

What does all this cost? "When you call you'll only need to cover the freight for the safe [no amount is specified] and $98 for the first months [sic] collection shipment then just $98 for each of the 18 monthly shipments to complete the entire collection of 4,100 U.S. Gov't coins." That's 19 payments of $98 for a total of $1,862 plus an unknown amount for freight. Sounds like you're gonna be paying $1,532 (plus freight) for that "FREE" Armored Safe.

A person that doesn't read this ad, futher the article carefully may think they are getting 4,100 Presidential Dollars AND a free safe for less than half the face value of the coins themselves. (Just an observation.

The ad,futher down the article uses some fancy-sounding (and almost deceptive) verbiage, to wit: "100 Presidential Golden Dollar Coins in two sealed Ballistic Vault Rolls of 50 and 16 heavy vault bricks containing 160 sealed vault rolls of 25 never-circulated U.S. Buffalo Nickels". Where have I heard "Ballistic Vault Rolls" before? (That's right! I've seen ads for dollar coins in Ballistic Rolls in very similar-looking ads before.) And those "heavy vault bricks"? In the photo they look like gold-colored plastic shaped like gold bricks and are probably only heavy due to the 250 nickels contained in each one. And how about the 160 rolls of 25 Buffalo Nickels? The casual observer may think they are getting 4,000 uncirculated Indian Head Nickels. Since when do Presidential dollars come in 50-coin rolls and nickels come in 25-coin rolls? Do you think these coins have been cherry picked? (

A quick Google search reveals that World Reserve Monetary Exchange also sells a "Presidential Safe" (40 payments of $109.88 = $4,395.20).

I think World Reserve Monetary Exchange is in the business of selling safes Bottom Line We had to put the Crunch Now Factor on this company.

Bottom line - Many people who don't understand that these 4,100 coins are only worth face value will be led to paying $1,862 for $300 worth of coins and a safe of unknown value. Later, when they try to sell their coins that are "worth a lot of money" they will realize what a bad purchase they have made. And the hobby of coin collecting will get another black eye.

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Thank you so much! When I read this newspaper article (it is exactly as you described), I was wondering what I was truly getting for 19 payments of $98, not including freight or shipping & handling. I know shipping a large item, much less a heavy one, is NOT cheap. And shipping coins is not cheap.

With the small coin collection I have already started, I would rather buy a reputable safe after getting up close to and inspecting it myself. Again, thanks for posting.

I too read the daily news and spent a good 2 or 3 hours thinking about doing it. I agree when you say they use a shifty lingo about what you are actually getting. I am glad I didn't fall into this trap! Thanks for posting.

Hi a New Yorker here. I read the "article" carefully, thought umm too good to be true, let me check it out! I called after a brief hold a sales lady came on the phone asked for my phone number and started to speak a reahearsed or read a script. I asked for the S&H charges $98.00 plus the $98 for the coins. She then asked me for the credit/debit card to initiate the transaction. I told her I will call her back. Just like when you go to an interview and they tell you: don't call us, we'll call you, same thing.
I am outraged that this company is ripping off people. I will report them to the BBB.
Thank you for posting. The first thing that came to mind was to verify it in some way, internet search was my first choice. Thanks again.
Female New Yorker.

While getting my oil changed, I read this article in USA Today and thought to myself, "Well it's in USA Today, it must be true" So it was messing with me for awhile, even though I already know that I cannot afford such a scam, but thank God you posted this.

Hey Guys,
Seen this ad in USA Today 4/13/09 in Maryland , i too was getting my oil changed , and wonder what a bargain. So, i reluctantly ordered. however after reading this article just cancelled ....seem relatively easy. i will call my cc company to make sure . thank 4 the info.

Okay, so today i too saw this advertisment. Only I thought at first it was a tip sheet- 7 smart places to stash your cash. annnnd then you get to the part about free safe, and according to pictures there are 2 sizes and the one u get is the smaller one. Anywho, i've always collected coins so i was drawn in. Only in the next 48 HOURS!! I called to inquire information- since i do know a little about coins and have quite a few - handed down to me. After confirmation code, name yada yada yada I got the basic info and asked if i could call her back, i'm only 20 and needed to consult someone with a bit more knowledge, and i got her name, and ext.
Then i started to do math- opps i forgot to ask about the shipping and if there was a tax? interest on payments? So i called back and got a new lady I got the shipping price $98.67 and then $98 now, then only $98 for 18 mo. No interst the total amt to be paid would be $1960.67. Yeah, i don't think so really. Then i want to know about those buffalo nickles- because they obviously arn't the 1920's editions. So again i said i would call back- But she stopped me and blah blah blah - and gave me a whole new PRICE. I would get the same safe- FREE SHIPPING- only difference would be i would get
500 bufffalo nickles = $25
50 Harrison $1 coins= $50
1 american eagle coin= $1
4 new $2.00 bills= $8
Totaling $84.00 in face value coins
The old offer of 4100 coins have a face-value of $300

The brand new price for the same safe, with free shipping, no interest/tax and face-value of only $84 was- $298.00 TOTAL. And I almost couldn't believe it, still i didn't want to make a payment today and she said she can hold payment of $149 till May 26th and the then I just pay $149 remaining owed in June totaling =$298! I have the date set that late because this seems to good to be true, and if it is then i can cancel and stop payment. I wanted to do some research and i have certainly done that. The same safe just ordinarily sold is $436.00 and i'm sure that doesn't include the shipping charges. After caving in and ordering, i also asked for customer services number and i called them. I asked her even more questions- I wanted an invoice which i was told i would recieve one in a wk or so. That way i had some sort of list of what i was getting and the Price for everything before anything got paid for. After i get that I can still cancel.

I'm wondering if anyone out there that could actually follow my post cold tell me anything. I've been doing extensive research on this and the orginal offer seemed great but she knew that this 20yr broke college girl wasn't biting- i used to sell Kirby Vacuumns. So she pitched a new offer, and after more research yet i can not find a reason why THIS offer isn't actually a good deal. HELP!!!!!

Just bought the safe opn Ebay-- dent and scratch for $300 plus ACTUAL shippping to my door of unser $100. So you decide$1900+ or $300 plus > $100 shipping and noi strings!!!!

I read this rip-off ad in Forbes magazine and came to the internet to see what I could find out about the company. After reading this post, I have sent an email to Forbes complaining about the advertiser. If I receive a reply back from them, I'll share it with you.

I made the mistake of ordering what seemed to be a good investment for my children. As I thought about the order I placed that morning, I needed to know more to assure myself that my purchase was a good one. When I called back, the lady on the phone assured me that the purchase was a good investment, doing everything with in her skills to make me feel comfortable with my purchase. When I asked her about the amount of gold and silver in the coins and she told me... I canceled my order at that same time and day only an hour later from my purchase time. They gave me the run around stating they had to talk to a supervisor to cancel the order. I stated that I would wait to speak to a supervisor. WRONG! I was hung up on three times I called several times to cancel and each time I would ask prior to stating my intent, "What's the status of my order?" they would state that the order will be shipped tomorrow. Four people later and several request to cancel, the order was still in effect. They were trying to get the order processed before they called me back and stated that the order was processed and in order to cancel you will have to pay $436.00 dollars. All for an order that wasn't completely processed and could not be canceled just a couple of hours after the initial order. OK, I am stupid but I felt it necessary to post a blog in hope that other will see these blogs. Here are several numbers that I received to the WRME.1-866-286-6587 / 1-866-282-6587 ext; 7976/8759/7960. Call your credit card company first to cancel the order giving a brief explanation of why. I too am filing a complaint with the BBB.

I've love to read when people admit they are sheep in this great country. All you do is react and follow. If you actually read the article you wouldn't have been "taken by a company that should be reported to the BBB" Please. If you hicks knew anything about coins it is not the face value it is the condition, uncirrculated and number minted. You should all report every company that is selling silver and gold eagle dollars for more than dollar!!!! DeDeDe's This is why you'll all be looking for your government checks which aren't coming when you retire and I'll be eating steak.

I was stupid and got this... The safe, for uncut $1 bills, a roll of presidential $1 coins, and some flashy binders arrived today. I was shocked to find I was paying $1960 for $285 worth of coins and a safe with a fictitious value of $436. I called, and I have 30 days to send it all back, or send back the coins alone, paying $436 for the safe. I think we all know what I am going to do. Will follow up with whether or not they credit my credit card account..DUH!!!!!!

The World Monetary Exchange must have a large number of people sucked in to thier snake oil schemes if they can afford to publish a double page ad in the National Geographic magazine. Then one pageover they advertize for a humanitarian cause for children. Scepticism, and mistrust will be generated for some people. Shame on the Geographic organization for not checking out there advertizers better.

In guns and ammo magazine it says $298 shipping and thats it. We'll see, I'll be calling.

Read the Ad in NY Post 11/10/2010. knew right away that it's a rip. Ok, maybe you get some coins and yes, maybe it's only 298.- for the coins and safe BUT I can tell you without seeing this safe that it is a piece of crap. A good small safe can cost upwads of $1000.- and who needs a cheap safe filled with coins that I don't need or want. These guys are predators. Don't be prey! Be smart and stay away!