Trafficera Scam | Logiscape Inc Scam

I Started using,I'm not pleased at all with TrafficEra truthfully. The reason Is because they claim to deliver ALL traffic you buy or earn from visiting websites to your site.This in fact is not true at all You see my stat counter picks up every hit or visit and is always correct,So I sent a email to Logiscape Support Services about this situation and here is the reply I got from them below.

The only explanation is that your counter is not fast enough. We are DEFINITELY sending the hits that we say we are sending. You only have to surf to see for yourself how this system works. When you are surfing, you are seeing other members sites and when they are surfing, they are seeing your sites. The only way for us to record the hit is for a member to surf your site. The reason that most counters are not accurate is that they take too long to load on the page and record the hit and this means that the surfer will have left your site and moved onto something else before the hit gets recorded. It is true that if you go to your site yourself, you will see the hit register, but this is just one single hit delivered slowly. We are sending hits very fast to your site (often 3 hits per second!) and each member is only required to view the site for 15 seconds. During busy times, your counter simply will not have enough time to load and count the hit.

If you really want to see the hits coming in, you need to check the server logs from your site host. Third-Party counters have to first access your page and then count the hit. Third-party trackers are often very busy themselves (because they are popular for monitoring traffic exchanges) and so they are less than ideal when it comes to tracking a very busy traffic exchange such as ours.

I hope this helps.

Ted P.
Logiscape Support Services

So Basically if you use trafficera don't count on getting the full amount of credits you earned It's only logical check your stats yourself and tell me your experience with trafficera