Crackheads Candy | Delicious Caffeinated Goodness

I stumbled upon some candy called crackheads and thought I would share it with my readers.

Crackheads® is a unique and delicious blend of gourmet White and dark chocolate covered espresso beans.There newest product,Crackheads2® is gourmet 60% cocoa dark chocolate covered espresso bean with a crunchy candy shell with a big caffeine boost added! Gourmet meets functional. Each box of Crackheads2® contains the same caffeine in approximately 6 cups of coffee, 7.5 Red Bull® energy drinks, or 11 cans of Mountain Dew®!. Supreme taste, huge pick-me-up,And it's guaranteed.

We embrace a fun filled working environment and are proud to employ local talent, handicapped workshops, sustainable resources, and to promote entrepreneurialship ideals to others in any way we can.

Fun Fact: Before Osmanium was an inkling, John created a precursor of Crackheads in a "pancake" form to help keep him up at night during an all night LAN. Needless to say it worked well. Crackhead Candy Website

3 New Comments:

"Espresso beans" don't exist anymore than a "omelet egg" does.

Please explain how the company sells candy then?

Technically they are Espresso Roasted Coffee Beans. Coffee beans are either Arabica or Robusta types and roasted to produce different tastes such as american, italian, espresso, etc.