SezWho Unable to Continue Service | SezWho Shutting Down

I just received a email from Sezwho a great Comments, Rating, and Polls website for us bloggers and the site is shutting down.This is very sad because Sezwho was a great service to us all Good luck .

Here is the email I got today.


SezWho has been unable to continue our service and we need to shut down the site. Fortunately, our friends at JS-Kit are helping to keep the service up until March 31, 2009.

We strongly encourage you to Upgrade to JS-Kit Commenting Now!

We selected JS-Kit because they are the world's largest distributed social network, connecting over 600,000 publishers with light weight, cross domain services, including Comments, Ratings, and Polls.


Jitendra Gupta
Founder, SezWho

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Thanks for spreading the word. Never fear, we will support SezWho customers with great commenting technologies via the JS-Kit platform!

Chris - JS-Kit team