Obama Fingers Vs Freedom Fries What's Next

A German food company is marketing "Obama Fingers": "tender, juicy pieces of chicken breast, coated and fried," as the product packaging claims.Fried chicken, in other words plus they add some curry dip to the mix.The company claims that they had no idea that this could be taken as offensive by some and only meant to pay homage to Barack Obama.Do you believe them Because?

"Personally I would of just ordered them and Dig right In,but I am not one to read to much into food or care whats it's called.Instead I just eat it,It's fried so I don't think it is going to talk back....actually I would be interested in some right now,but since I don't have anywhere close that I could pick some up I will be forced to rely on my Presidential cooking stills."

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"I couldn't stomach it simply because of the imagery behind the name. I can see both sides of the spectrum on this, and and leaning toward they probably didn't consider the outcome of a name like that."