Come Party at the Playboy Mansion | 2009 AzoogleAds Publisher Challange

AzoogleAds has a great contest for you to win a trip to the Playboy Mansion for the party of Your lifetime.If you can design better than affiliate marketing,then this contest is for you.All you need to do is design the official Playboy party T-shirt.

The Submission Guidelines

* You must be an AzoogleAds publishers to enter
* Designs should be in any type of image file (JPG, GIF, PDF)
* Designs must be emailed to by midnight on April 8
* All entries should include first name, last name and publisher ID One entry per publisher
* T-shirt designs can be on short-sleeve or long-sleeve crew neck T-shirt (no V-necks)
* Be creative!

Here are some Questions and Answers from the contest.

Q What if I’m not yet 21 years old as of August 29, 2009; can I still participate in the contest?
A Yes, you sure can! You will not be allowed to go to the party, though. AzoogleAds, however, will provide you with a special prize while in LA.
Q What actually happens at a Playboy Mansion party?
A If those walls could talk…but they can’t.
Q What if I fit the criteria above and I’m a top 25 publisher during this time period, and don’t want to or can’t go to the Playboy Mansion party?
A Never fear, we have something pretty special lined up for you too! You will not be forgotten. Missed, but not forgotten.
Q I’ve never worked with AzoogleAds before, how do I sign up?
A Easy – click here to start the process and read our note in the “Challenge Rules” section above.
Q I live in a country outside of North America, am I excluded from this contest?
A No, publishers from anywhere around the world are eligible except for publishers based in certain countries that we do not accept traffic from (in which case, your publisher application will be denied).
Q I’m not an active publisher, but have worked with AzoogleAds in the past. Can I go?
A No, the contest guidelines are very strict in this regard.
Q I’m not a top 25 publisher; can I show up at the party anyway?
A You can sure try to crash the party! But Playboy Mansion security will probably send you packing at best, and have the local Police called to haul you away at worst.
Q Who/What is AzoogleAds?
A We are the leading performance-based ad network since 2000, working with over 1,400 advertisers across dozens of vertical channels and over 38,000 worldwide publishers.
Q Will there be Playmates and lots of girls there?
A Um – yes.
Q Why are you throwing this contest and party?
A As if we really need an excuse to reward our Publishers, celebrate our collective success together and party at the historic “Shangri-La” of party venues…but the answer really is that we felt this was perhaps the best contest and prize anyone could offer.
Q Can I take pictures at the party?
A Yes, personal cameras for your own personal use are allowed.
Q Do I have to take the shuttle on and off the Playboy Mansion grounds?
A Yes, no one is allowed to drive onto Mansion grounds. This is for liability reasons. Also, as an insider of these parties told us, its better this way since you sure don’t want to think about operating heavy machinery when the party is over.
Q Will Hef be there?
A We can’t promise there will be a “Hef sighting”. Its his house, though.
Q Can we walk around inside the Playboy Mansion?
A No, the inner workings of the Mansion are not open to party goers. After all, it is a residence. The Mansion grounds however are open for all to enjoy!
Q What do I wear to the party?
A Whatever you want to wear.
Q What if it rains on the night of the party?
A First, it never rains in Los Angeles in August. Second, if it does, there will be a tent to cover everyone.
Q Can I swim in the Grotto?
A Alone or with someone?

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